The Titone family has always had particular attention to human health. Not by chance are pharmacists for generations, with a passion for agriculture and olive growing in particular.

Since 1936, in a strip of land between Trapani and Marsala, with Erice behind, the ancient isle of Mothia and the Egadi islands in front, the Titone family produces a high quality, good and natural oil. The company was one of the first in Sicily to convert to organic farming.

Since 1992, all stages of processing are controlled and certified. Today, Titone Company produces two types of oil – obtained from olives of the Cerasuola, Nocellara del Belice, Biancolilla cultivars – harvested by hand and milled after a few hours in the company’s oil mill.

The Titone family has succeeded in creating oil that has inside the millennial perfumes of this part of Sicily, obtaining recognition all over the world.