Titone organic farm covers an area of 19 hectares cultivated with olive trees, 5000 plants of different ages that produce about 10,000 litres of extra virgin organic olive oil.

In order to raise the quality standards, remaining in the perspective of organic production, we use agronomic practices with reduced environmental impact that increase the fertility of the land:

  • Biological control,
  • Traps for catching olive flies created by Nicola Titone based on water and blue fish,
  • Organic fertilisation of the soil, green manure,
  • Grassing with legumes,
  • Natural and annual pruning.

The olives, for a single variety, mainly Cerasuola, Nocellara del Belice, Biancolilla and in small quantities Coratina, are harvested exclusively by hand starting from the first days of October, defoliated and pressed after a few hours in the company’s oil mill, after a stop in a conditioned environment to counteract the high external temperatures that are recorded during the increasingly anticipated collection.

In the oil mill, a small-speed and low thermal impact toothed disk fryer is used, after which the paste is sent into the knots, all sealed and provided with nitrogen plant to reduce possible oxidation. The process takes about 20 minutes and takes place at controlled temperatures not above 27°C.

The mono varietal oils extracted are filtered and stored in small stainless steel silos under nitrogen and in a conditioned thermal environment. Only after chemical analyses and rigorous selections they are mixed to give origin to Titone Valli Trapanesi PDO Organic Olive Oil and to Titone Italian Organic Olive Oil.

The bottling is corporate, semi-automatic and in a controlled atmosphere.

The vegetation water, the pomace, the pruning residues, suitably treated, are “recycled” and returned to nature to restore as much as possible removed from man.

The boiler is ecological, fed with pomace.

The absence of poisons in the environment, the use of olives coming exclusively from their own trees, the pressing within a few hours in the company’s mill allow to follow all the steps, from production to the processing of Titone organic olive oil and to guarantee its genuineness and quality as evidenced by the numerous awards obtained over time.